Parking at the South School is very limited as many of the spaces are occupied by our staff. We will continuously look for solutions to this, but for now we will need your cooperation to keep our students safe. The basketball court is also open for parking for both arrival and dismissal. Carpooling and walking to school will help to alleviate some of this. Please follow the guidelines below. There will be a section in front of the school designated for the bus. You may not stop/park anywhere within this section during arrival and dismissal.

AM Arrival (Staff supervision is available beginning at 8:15) - Form a single file line in the driveway along the sidewalk - this is a drop off only - no parking. - For their safety, your child must get out on the passenger side only. - Please do your best to keep the flow of cars moving safely and efficiently by not getting out of your car. - Always use the crosswalks when coming from the parking lot. - In case of inclement weather all students will enter the front door and go to the cafeteria or gym. - Students in grades 1-4 will line up in front of the school building. First and second graders will line up by the front doors and students in grades 3 and 4 will line up further back on the sidewalk. - Kindergarten students will line up outside the kindergarten classroom doors (by the playground structure). Please help us keep the children safe by staying off the playground equipment in the morning. To ensure student safety please do not walk your child into the building. Staff members will be on duty to support your child as they transition to the school setting. In case of tardiness , parents must come into the office with their children to sign them in as late. The Before School Program begins at 7:30am. These students should go directly to the cafeteria. If you are interested in enrolling in the program, there are applications available on the Stoneham Public Schools website as well as in the office.

PM Dismissal - PM pick-up may take 15-20 minutes if you drive. - The fire land is used for live parking only. You MUST stay your car . - Please do not live park over the crosswalk or in the space designated for the bus. - The left lane of the loop must continue in and orderly flow of traffic -NO STOPPING in the left lane. You may pull into a spot along the curb when one opens up. - If you wish to park your vehicle, use all empty parking spaces before parking between the rows. - If parking on the basketball court, park as close together as safely possible. - When the lot is full, you must find another parking spot or drive around the loop until something becomes available. - Students in grades 1-4 will be dismissed in front of the building, with grade 1 students dismissed first. - Kindergarten students will be dismissed outside their classroom doors. - Please communicate with your child’s teacher regarding dismissal (Bus, Parent Pickup, etc.). BUS students - Please refer to www.stonehamschools.orgfor details on bus schedule/route, as well as to register for the bus. - At dismissal time all bus students will be directed to the cafeteria and then walked to the bus. We all know that the traffic and parking situation is not ideal. We need to work as a team and be respectful of others. Please be patient. It will take a little longer at the beginning of the year, but we will continue to reevaluate the procedures to ensure student safety.