School Wellness

Mental Health

Mental health is a major part of your overall health as a person. If you or someone you care for is in need of help please get in touch with a guidance counselor or another trusted adult. The guidance counselor’s job is to make sure our students are feeling safe and healthy.

Massachusetts 211

Massachusetts 211 has anonymous screenings for people with different mental health issues. Please visit their site if you are unsure about yourself so you can recognize a problem before it becomes unsafe.

Substance Abuse
If you notice signs of substance abuse or want to get help for yourself or someone you care about.  Resources are available below:

The CASTLE High Point Treatment Center
20 Meadowbrook Road,  Brockton MA. (503) 638- 6000 

Motivating Youth Recovery Community Link.
26 Queen St- Worcester, MA 
(508) 860- 1244

Cushing House
(617) 269- 2933
54 Old Colony Ave, South Boston

Outside Resources

Stoneham Police 781-438-1215 x3213
State Hotline 800-327-5050
MASS 2-1-1 877-211-6277
Arbour Counseling 781-322-1503
Riverside Outpatient Center 781-246-2010
Woburn District Task Force 781-935-4000x267
Association of Intervention Specialists  
Riverway Counseling Associates 781-395-1560