Parking at the South School is very limited as all of the spaces are occupied by our staff. We will continuously look for solutions to this, but for now we will need your cooperation to keep our students safe. The basketball court will be used for parking this year. Carpooling and walking to school will help to alleviate some of this. 

AM Arrival: (Behind the blue line)
Staff supervision is available beginning at 8:15. All students will enter the building when they are dropped off (after 8:15). Kindergarteners will go to the cafeteria. Grades 1 and 2 will go to the gym. Grades 3 and 4 will go to the library.

Cars may pull all the way up past the flagpole to drop students off. Students need to exit vehicles on the passenger side closest to the curb. Please do not leave your car and walk students to the door as this has a significant impact on traffic and safety. If you feel that you need to bring your child to the door, please find a parking spot or park offsite and walk.

PM Dismissal: (Behind the blue line)
All K-4 classes will be dismissed out of the front door. Please make sure your child's teacher has the correct dismissal plans for your child.  Any daily change in plans must be communicated as early as possible to avoid confusion. Please stay behind the blue line. This area is to provide a safe area for teachers to dismiss students without being crowded. Please do not leave your car unattended. If your child isn’t one of the first ones out, your car will cause significant delays for the entire dismissal process.

Cars will line up in 2 lanes (including the fire lane) closest to the curb. Please leave a lane open for the buses to pass. Cars will start lining up before the crosswalk. NO CARS should be past the crosswalk at dismissal. The section past that including the fire lane must remain clear for the buses.