December 13, 2019                                                                Bulletin #71

                                                                                                Day 5


Make-up Club:  On Friday, December 20, at 7:50 am, Make-up Club will be having a Holiday-themed meeting in Mrs. Nims-Henderson’s Room.  Please bring your make-up!  All are welcome to attend!


The boys’ varsity hockey team is looking for someone to DJ their home games at the Stoneham Arena. They don't need to have the equipment to DJ. We will work with them on music if they want and we can use the PA system at the rink. The boys are looking for someone to play music before the game and then just like at the NHL they play until the puck drops.   Anyone interested can contact Michael Shannon -Senior Hockey team or Steven Cambria - Senior Hockey team


Carnival Ball:  Final voting for Carnival Ball will take place Tuesday, December 17.  Before for the list of finalists is released, all seniors who would like their name removed from the list, please see Mr. Eppskrier or Mr. Carino, by Tuesday morning.


French Club will have a holiday breakfast on Friday, December 20, at 7:30 am, in Room 228. Let's sing our favorite chansons de la saison and enjoy some delicious treats!


Student ID Badges/Picture Orders:  Student badges and picture orders have arrived.  Please stop by the Guidance Department to pick them up.  We are still waiting for the re-takes.


The Youth Action Coalition will be raising money in support of people in recovery this holiday season.  Bags of stickers will be sold in the cafeteria at both lunches.  Cost: 10 stickers for $3.00 or 2 packages of 10 for $5.00.


Northeast Metro Technical High School "Saturday Exploratory Program" 3 Sessions starting January 11, 2020.  For more information and application, please go to the Guidance Department.

Seniors:  The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Scholarship Program offers generous scholarships to graduating seniors.  In order to be eligible, students must take the Labor History Exam on February 10, 2020.  The exam will be offered during the school day at SHS, and a study guide will be made available online once registered.  All Massachusetts high school seniors are eligible for certain awards.  Additionally, students with a family or personal union affiliation are eligible for awards given by their specific local union or central labor council.  For more information and to register, go to:  Registration must be completed by Friday, Dec. 20 - no late registrations will be accepted!

FREE AND/OR REDUCED LUNCH FORMS may be picked up in the office for those who need them.