Principal's Message 4/4/21

Start of 4th quarter April 8th

Start of 4th quarter April 8th

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I hope you have had a pleasant weekend as we enter our first week of April and the end of the 3rd Quarter.  


Many things are happening and in the works for an exciting and fun Spring!  Much to look forward to, please remain focused and diligent with COVID safety guidelines.  Your efforts make a difference and keep us moving forward.


Have a great week.  Go Spartans!



·  4/5/2021 Day 3a

·  4/2/2021 Day 2b

·  4/1/2021 Day 2a

·  3/31/2021 Day 1b

·  3/30/2021 Day 1a

·  3/29/2021 Day 5b


SHS FaceBook

SHS Web Page:


Mark Your Calendar

April 7: Quarter 3 Ends


April 8: Quarter 4 Begins


April 19 - 23:  School Closed / April Vacation


April 26:  Spring Athletics Begin


April 27:  SAT’s / Class of 2022


May 5 - 24: AP Testing


May 6 & 7:  ELA MCAS

·  Testing @ SHS; Grades 10 / 11

·  Asynchronous learning remote schedule; Grades 9 / 12


May 21:  Seniors / Class of 2021 last day of classes


May 27 & 28: Math MCAS

·  Testing @ SHS; Grades 10 / 11

·  Asynchronous learning remote schedule; Grades 9


June 1:  Senior Scholarships and Academic Awards

June 2:  Senior “Prom”

June 3:  Senior Picnic

June 4:  Class of 2021 Graduation Commencement


Return to Full in Person

The return to a full in person learning model is the first step in bringing our school community back together as we continue to navigate COVID safety guidelines and school operations.  This return will be a transition that for many students and faculty may be experienced with much excitement and some cautionary anxiety.  


There is no doubt of the excitement for all students returning to school for in person instruction and learning activities,  peer and teacher engagement and the overall impact on a thriving school community.  It is exciting to think of this return!


However, there is some caution.


The schedule transition from hybrid to full in person is quite simple, as students will follow the exact same schedule as the hybrid schedule over five days instead of ten.  Class rotation and meeting times, length of each class, transition times between periods and the start and dismissals times of school and afternoon extended sessions are all the same.  


The COVID safety guidelines of correctly wearing a face mask at all times while on school grounds, social distancing of 3 - 6 feet, frequent washing and hand sanitizing, no food or drink in classrooms and  following directional markings for movement within the school are still in place and will require all students strict adherence. 


There is some concern as to the ownership and self responsibility of COVID safety guidelines by all members of our school community.  


This will be our biggest challenge and needs to be the point of focus we all rally around;  All students and families strictly following our school COVID safety Guidelines.  


As we prepare for our return to full in person students and families are requested to assist with our transition by continuing to follow and adhere to COVID safety guidelines.  We need to curb our excitement and keep our guard up, not down.  


Let’s use this time to best prepare for a successful return to full in person:

Masks on correctly at all times

Socially distance

Follow hallway arrows

No food / drink in classrooms

Frequent wash / hand sanitizing


Return to Full In Person Schedule and Updated School Calendar

·  April 28

o    Day 4a

o    All grade 9 attend in person

o    Grades 10 - 12 follow hybrid schedule


·  April 29

o    Day 4b

o    All grade 9 attend in person

o    Grades 10 - 12 follow hybrid schedule


·  April 30

o    Day 5a

o    All grade 9 attend in person

o    Grades 10 - 12 follow hybrid schedule


·  May 3

o    Day 1

o    All grades attend in person


Updated School Calendar HERE


COVID Safety Updates

1.       Reminder:  No coffee / drinks / food are permitted in classrooms.  

·         Food is to be eaten in the Cafeteria or alternative areas when directed.

·         If a student requires water then they should discuss with their teacher and work within classroom expectations and safety requirements.  


2.            ALLERGIES

·         Many allergy symptoms are on the COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist


·         Now is the time to contact your child’s pediatrician.


·         Come up with a plan to handle your child’s allergy symptoms: 

o    Daily medication

o    Nasal 

o    Sprays

o    Eye drops 

o    etc.


·         It is possible to have Covid-19 and other health conditions at the same time.


·         Please review the Covid-19 symptom checklist every day before you bring your child to school.


o    COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist


·         Call or email us before sending your child to school with any symptoms on this list.

o    781-279-3810 x1317

§  Sandra Malzone RN

§  Angela Celli RN


Athletic Department Updates / Week in Sports and Spring Registration

Spring Sports Registration Info HERE


This week in Sports 4/5 - 4/10 HERE


Guidance Department Announcements / Class of 2021

Senior Parents / Financial Aid resource

·  MEFA is a great resource for families when comparing college financial aid offers, calculating net cost, and developing college payment strategies.  They offer a variety of "After the College Acceptance" webinars in addition to other resources:


Spring Testing Dates


·  May 6 & 7 / ELA

o    Testing Grades 10 & 11


·  May 27 & 28 / Math

o    Testing Grades 10 & 11


·  All testing is in person / school based

·  No synchronous / In School Classes for grades 9 & 12 all test dates

o    Attend courses remotely / Asynchronous Work and Activities



·  May 5 - 24

o    Specific content test dates HERE


·  April 27

o    Class of 2022 / Grade 11 only

o    In person / school based


Student Pictures / Grades 9 - 11

Recent COVID developments have permitted us to reconsider Student Picture Day for students in grades 9 - 11.  Student Picture Day will occur on April 14 and 15.  


Further details  and ordering information is available HERE


Senior / Class of 2021 Senior Activities and Graduation Information

Support the Class of 2021

·         The Spartan Enrichment Organization (SEO), Class of 2021 Committee, is holding a fundraiser to support year-end activities for the Stoneham High School, Class of 2021, that are planned for the first week in June commencing with graduation the weekend of June 4th. 


·         This last year has been difficult for all students but especially seniors and we are excited to make year-end activities special for them even with challenging COVID guidelines. 

·         Senior parents and SEO are collecting voluntary donations to purchase gift cards and other items from local businesses to include in raffle baskets that will be raffled off in early May. 

o    Contributions can be made via 

§  Venmo @SpartanEnrichmentOrg or send a 

§  check payable to Spartan Enrichment Organization c/o SHS, 149 Franklin St, Stoneham, MA 02180. 


o    Donations will be collected through Wednesday, April 8th! 


·         Be sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook: SpartanEnrichmentOrganization-SHS PTO. 


·         The Raffle/Details will be held LIVE on FB in early May.


Stoneham Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC)

The Stoneham Special Education Parent Advisory Council will have its next meeting on April 12, 2021 at 7 PM via Zoom.  Please see the zoom invitation at the below.  A flyer is attached with more information about the role of the SEPAC.  Even though this has been an unusual year, the SEPAC has been hard at work on behalf of all students with disabilities.  We hope to resume more regular in person meetings and gatherings next year.  We need help to make that a reality. You will also find a document describing each of the special officer roles current open. If you feel called to help out but not to be an officer, we need you too! If you are passionate about special education rights, are a strong advocate for children, are a skilled written or oral communicator, are a born leader, or you just want to learn more and if you like to be part of a fun team, join us! 

Email Erin Alarcon ( for more information.     


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting Invite HERE




SEPAC Officer Roles HERE


New High School Building Process

FYI:  Over the next two weeks Survey Crews associated with the Design Team for the new High School Building Project will be on school grounds.  You may see survey crews or cordoned off areas as they do their preliminary surveying and other testing related to the current phase of the new building project.  This should not cause any disruption to school related activities or any student pick up or drop off.