Principal's Message 1/17/22

Midterms: 1/18-1/21

Midterms: 1/18-1/21


Good evening,


I hope you had an enjoyable three-day weekend.  Winter is certainly here with the cold, but it appears we avoided what could have been a major winter event with this morning's rainstorm.  I’m ok with that.


We go into a shortened school week with half day dismissals each day for school Semester course finals and yearlong course midterms.  Students are reminded to support their preparations for their assessments with healthy eating and sleeping habits.


Hoping the three-day weekend, the upcoming half days and continued adherence to mask wearing and COVID safety precautions will continue to maintain our learning environment.  Everyone doing their part makes a difference.  Keep at it…Spartan Strong!


Have a good week!



We kindly ask that you utilize the following links as first resources to find the information you are seeking prior to contacting the  Main Office.


SHS Handbook Here


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Save the date

Tuesday, 1/18 - Friday, 1/ 21; Half Day Dismissals for Mid Term / Final exams

Monday, 1/24; First day Quarter 3 / Semester 2

Monday, 2/21 - Friday, 2/25; Winter Vacation / School Closed


S1 Midterm / Final Schedule 1/18 - 1/21

MidTerm / Finals testing schedule

·  For all testing each day

o Each testing day is a half day with dismissal @ 12:15

o Two testing periods each day

o Each testing period is one hour and fifty minutes

o There will be a 20 minute break between each testing period


·  Please note sequence change for G and F period  


·  Daily Testing Schedule:

o Tuesday, 1/18

A and B block exams

8:15 - 10:05:  A block exam

10:05 - 10:25:  Testing break  

10:25 - 12:15: B block exam


o    Wednesday, 1/19

C and D block exams

8:15 - 10:05:  C block exam

10:05 - 10:25:  Testing break  

10:25 - 12:15: D block exam

o    Thursday, 1/20

E and G exams

8:15 - 10:05:  E block exam

10:05 - 10:25:  Testing break  

10:25 - 12:15: G block exam


o    Friday, 1/21

F and make up exams

8:15 - 10:05:  F block exam

10:05 - 10:25:  Testing break  

10:25 - 12:15: Make up exams


Counselor’s Corner: Interested in the medical field?

·  Lahey Hospital and Medical Center is offering a summer program in Medical Research.  

o Selected students will receive a Certificate in Medical Research as well as a monetary stipend. 

o There is a 20-30 hour/week commitment from June 27 - August 19.  

o Interested high school students are encouraged to apply.  

o The application (along with the parent consent form for minors) is due by February 11, 2022.  

§ Application HERE

§ Parent / Guardian Consent HERE


Counselor’s Corner:   Scholarships Available

Attention Seniors:


Honey Dew Donuts will be offering one scholarship to a deserving college bound student of the Class of 2022.  

·  Preference for this scholarship will be for any student who is employed at Honey Dew Donuts.  

·  If you are a member of the Class of 2022 and currently working at Honey Dew Donuts, please see your school counselor ASAP



All Parents

·  MEFA ( Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) is offering a variety of upcoming webinars related to college planning and financing.  More information and registration here:



SAT / PSAT Information

·  SAT test dates at SHS

o    March 12, 2022

§  Registration deadline February 11, 2022

o    June 4, 2022

§  Registration deadline: May 5, 2022



Week in Sports 1/17/2022 - 1/23/2022 HERE


Picture Retakes

Student picture retakes will occur the week of 1/24/2022.  Further details will be  emailed to all students and posted in the Daily Bulletin

Interact Club / Children’s Book Drive

Children's Book Club Drive

National Honor Society / Application Process 

Recently, some decisions have been made about the practices of the National Honor Society and what is in the best interest of our students. This includes how and when student GPAs are calculated in order to qualify for the 4.1 GPA requirement. 


We have shifted the timeline of when this calculation occurs to after the first semester of Junior and Senior year. We believe this will provide a more accurate report of the current GPA, taking into consideration the rigorous schedule in which many students are currently enrolled. 


The goal of this shift creates an equitable process for our students that allows us to best acknowledge their achievements. 


After students are identified based upon the 4.1 GPA requirement they will receive an electronic letter inviting them to start the process of joining the National Honor Society. Students will then complete the application process which is based upon how they have met the criteria for the four pillars identified by the constitution of the National Honor Society. 


These four pillars are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The application will ask students to provide evidence of these pillars in their daily life as well as a written personal statement addressing how they embody these four pillars. 


Spartan Enrichment Organization (SEO) / December Newsletter

December Newsletter HERE


Students:  Winter Work Opportunities


·  Stoneham DPW

o 16 Pine Street

·  $15 per hour

o Apply in person

o Must be 16 years of age or older


Parent / Guardian Support

Stoneham Coalition for A Safe and Healthy Coalition: Join us for this year's Parent University, a fun, half day event for parents with students of any age that provides knowledge and advice from community experts through a series of free workshops focusing on student's educational experience and well-being


More information on the Parent University can be found here: