Principal's Message 5/8/22

AP Testing

AP Testing

May 8, 2022




Happy Mother’s Day, I hope all our Spartan mothers had a wonderful day.  


Warmer weather ahead and another fun and busy week of academics and extracurricular activities.  


Students are reminded and encouraged to plan accordingly and manage responsibilities and obligations wisely.  Students should effectively utilize their remaining FLEX blocks to support academic progress and balance of extracurricular activities.


Have a great week!



We kindly ask that you utilize the following links as first resources to find the information you are seeking prior to contacting the Main Office.


SHS Handbook Here


Daily Bulletin 


o    5/9/2022



o    5/6/2022

o    5/5/2022

o    5/4/2022

o    5/3/2022

o    5/2/2022


5 Day Schedule HERE


Updated 2021-2022 SHS School Year Calendar HERE


SHS Web Page   







Save the Date

May 2 - 12 AP Testing

May 10:  Junior / Senior Powder Puff Game, 7:00pm

May 12:  Grade 9 Boston Trip

May 17 - 18:  Grade 10 Math MCAS Testing 

·  Grade 10 MCAS 8:15 - 10:30 / Classes 10:41AM - 2:50PM

·  Grade 9 full day schedule 8:15AM - 2:50PM

·  Late start grades 11 & 12; 10:41AM - 2:50PM

May 20 - 21: Drama Club Spring Musical, 7:00pm

May 23:  Spring Band Concert, 7:00pm

May 24:  Senior Awards Ceremony, 6:00pm

May 26:  Senior Family Picnic, 6:00pm

May 30:  School Closed / Memorial Day

May 31: Senior Prom @ Danversport, 6:30pm - 10:00pm

June 1: Year End Athletics Banquet, 5:45pm

June 2: Senior Car Parade, 5:30pm line up at SCMS / 6:00pm parade start

June 3: Graduation, 6:30pm


MCAS Testing  and Academic Schedule:  5/17 & 5/18

Tuesday, 5/17 / Day 2

·  Grade 9 

o Report to school for regular school hours, day 1;  8:15am - 2:16pm


·  Grade 10

o Report to school for regular school hours and MCAS testing

§ Further information below


·  Grades 11 and 12

o Late start;  10:41 - 2:16 

§ Periods F, G, FLEX 


Wednesday, 5/18 / Day 3

·  Grade 9 

o Report to school for regular school hours, day 1;  8:15am - 2:16pm


·  Grade 10

o Report to school for regular school hours and MCAS testing

§ Students should report directly to their testing room as testing will begin promptly at 8:15 am.

§ Testing room assignments will be posted in the front lobby on Monday at lunchtime. 


·  Grades 11 and 12

o Late start;  10:41 - 2:16 

§ Periods C, E, F


AP Testing May 2 - 12

Advanced Placement (AP) Testing  

·  Testing information and AP Testing Calendar HERE


SHS Drama Club Spring Musical Production:  Suessical

The SHS Drama Club is excited to announce the dates for the upcoming Spring Musical.  This year SHS Drama will present Suessical.  Here are details, including a promotional video, about the upcoming performances.  Hope to see you there!


Promo Video HERE


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Spartan Summer Camps / Sports Clinics

Spartan Summer Camps


SHS College Planning Resource

Hello SHS students! 

Two Peer Leaders have created a “SHS College Planning Resource” website! 

·  In the website, you will find tips, advice, and information regarding the college process.

·  You can access this site on the Stoneham Public Schools website and it will be posted on the Junior’s google classroom. 

·  You can also access it through this link:



Academic Recognitions

Here are the Honors and High Honors academic recognitions for Q3. I thank and commend these students for their consistent efforts and commitment to their learning and education.  Great job!

·  Honors HERE

·  High Honors HERE


Class of 2022 / Senior Events

·  Senior Calendar and Activity Information HERE


·  Graduation Cap & Gown

o We will be accepting payment for your Graduation Cap & Gown and accessories.  

o Checks should be made payable to: SHS Activity Fund.

§ Basic cost per student: $30.00.  

·  Cost will increase if you requested additional tassels.  

o Basic package

§ Cost per student / $30.00

·         Include:

o    Royal Blue Cap/Gown and Tassel:  $17.00

o    White Stole w/blue Spartan-2022:  $13.00

·  All Night Graduation Party

o All seniors are invited to the ALL NIGHT GRADUATION party at the High School following graduation on Friday, June 3, 2022.  An over 20-year-old tradition, we are hoping to involve ALL OF OUR GRADUATES! 

o The cost to participate is $35 per student (checks “Celebrating the Future” or cash can be dropped off at the SHS front office).  We provide food, AMAZING entertainment, and a safe, chaperoned event that goes from 10 pm Friday to 4:30 am Saturday. 

o Included in this price is a t-shirt (AND AN SHS STRING BAG!), Please fill out the attached t-shirt form with your students size! (see link below)

o Your generous payment does not cover all of the ALL NIGHT GRADUATION PARTY costs.  

§ To raise funds, we are selling lawn signs that say CONGRATULATIONS STONEHAM HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2022, $10 each (checks payable to “Celebrating the Future” or cash are welcome). 

§ They can be purchased in the SHS front office (8 am - 4 pm Monday – Friday) or by contacting Lisa Gallagher ( or 781-632-2050) 

§ Signs are currently available in the SHS Main Office.


o    These awesome signs ARE NOT JUST FOR FAMILIES OF SENIORS! They are popping up all over Stoneham.  Encourage your friends, family members and business partners to show their SPARTAN PRIDE and purchase a sign.  

o    ANP Rules for Packet 

o    ALL NIGHT PARTY tshirt order form


Counselor’s Corner

Pre-College Summer Programs

Many colleges and universities offer pre-college summer experiences for students who are interested in career exploration and academic enrichment.  Please see the Guidance page of the high school website for more information:



All Parents

·  MEFA ( Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) is offering a variety of upcoming webinars related to college planning and financing.  More information and registration here:



SAT / PSAT Information

·  SAT test dates at SHS

o    June 4, 2022

§  Registration deadline: May 5, 2022


SEO / Spartan Enrichment Organization

April Newsletter HERE


SHS Interact Club/  Pop Tart Pledge; Boston Homeless Project

The  SHS Interact Club is asking community members to take the Pop-Tart Pledge  

·  Donate boxes of Pop-Tarts that will benefit the Boston Homeless Project.  

o Last year they collected over 600 boxes. 

·  Boxes can be sent to the high school through Amazon or dropped off in the PopTart box in the HS Main Lobby 


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