Special Education in Stoneham Public Schools

The Office of Special Education’s mission is to work collaboratively with faculty, staff and parents to address the needs of students who require specialized instruction and to help ensure students’ successful participation in and access to the general education curriculum. We serve students ages three through twenty-two by providing a range of accommodations, modifications, support and services, depending on the individual needs of each student.

The SPS Special Education Department’s goals include:

  • Provide services for students found eligible for special education in compliance with all state and federal mandates and laws.
  • Refine and maintain a robust continuum of services, supports, and programming.
  • Embrace inclusive best practices, that is, be mindful of educating every student we serve within the least restrictive setting, supporting their participation and access in the general education classroom and activities with peers.  (IDEA, 2004)
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for professional development for general education and special education faculty and staff that focuses on current research, best practices, regulations and laws.
  • Communicate and collaborate closely with our families.

Meet the Team!

Special Education Coordinators

 Allie Jennett is the Special Education Coordinator at Colonial Park Elementary School and for our Integrated Preschool Program .

 Courtney Hudgins is the Special Education Coordinator at South Elementary School and for our Out of District Students.

 Trina Chin-Aleong is the Special Education Coordinator at Robin Hood and for fifth graders at Central  Middle School.

 Elisa Sanders is the Special Education Coordinator at Central Middle School for sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

 Stacey Klasnick is the Special Education Coordinator at Stoneham High School and for students in our 18 - 22 year old program.