Central Middle School campus photo

Central Middle School was given quite an entertaining treat at the third annual 7th & 8th Grade Talent Show! 

Logan Gallagher kicked off the show with a hilarious stand up routine, followed by the vocal stylings of Chloe Nasson who beautifully sang "What's on TV"  while accompanying herself on the ukulele. Sofia Buonopane, Abi Martin, and Melis Baloglu came next with a fantastic dance that was wacky, fun, and even featured a cameo by the emcee, Mr. Cummings. Joseph Dooley wowed the crowd with his Irish step dancing routine to the "Virginia Reel" and Karlie Discipio and Airanna Greicci combined forces to perform a lovely rendition of "Riptide." Master of illusion, Enzo Carminati, pulled a few judges up to assist him with a mind boggling card trick. Savannah Lee and Kaylin Pelrine delivered a stunning performance of "Burn" from the global smash, Hamilton, which earned them a standing ovation. Sydney Vallone closed out the show with a beautiful rendition of "Waving Through a Window" from the Broadway smash, Dear Evan Hanson. 

The competition was fierce, but the judges awarded first place to Savannah Lee and Kaylin Pelrine, second place to Chloe Nasson, and third place to Joseph Dooley! Congratulations to the winners and all participants!  Click here for more pictures!

Ms. Verrocchi's 5th grade students created a wonderful reenactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  If you would like to see all the reenactments, click here.

During the 1st week of March, Ms. Verrocchi's 5th grade ELA students completed their book projects.  Each group created their own Google Site that showcased the book.  Along with the Google Site, each group also filmed a CMS book talk.  Here's an example of the book talk.  If you would like to see all the book talks, click here.

Fun with Bitmoji's!  CMS staff display their motivational bitmoji's to help keep our students working hard through this long month of March.

Bitmoji Board

On February 13th, the middle school teachers took on the 8th grade students in the highly competitive annual hockey game!  It was an exciting event for all.  The fans witnessed a rare upset, with the students winning the game 11-9.

Our 7th grade history students just completed their National History Day projects.  The 3D presentation boards look amazing!  Some students have expressed interest in taking their projects to the NHD competition later this year.  They will have an opportunity to compete locally, regionally, and hopefully nationally!  Washingon D.C. here we come!

7th Grade History Project
7th Grade History Project
7th Grade History Project

Check out the cool vector portraits that Ms. Bruno's class created using Google Drawings!  They look amazing!

Spotlight on Technology with Ms. Bruno - Photo #1
Spotlight on Technology with Ms. Bruno - Photo #2
Spotlight on Technology with Ms. Bruno - Photo #3
Spotlight on Technology with Ms. Bruno - Photo #4

Mrs. Clark's 8th grade Spanish class was tasked to create a green screen project. In small groups, students had to write, direct, and perform a skit where someone got hurt and required medical attention.  All the groups did an outstanding job! We might have a future actor/actress on our hands!