Arrival, Dismissal, and Parking Information



  • To drop-off a student without parking, form a single-file line along the sidewalk in the fire lane.

  • Vehicles should move up as far as possible before stopping to drop-off.

  • Have your child get out on the passenger side only for their safety. Your child should then proceed along the sidewalk and around the left-hand side of the school to the paved area.

  • Adult supervision begins at 8:15 am.

  • Please do your best to keep the flow of cars moving safely and efficiently by not getting out of the car yourself.

  • The fire lane is for drop-and-go only!  If you wish to walk your child to the paved area, you must park in a parking space.


  • Students are dismissed through different doors.

    • Preschool and Kindergarten are dismissed through Door 8.

    • Grade 1 is dismissed through Door 10.

    • Grades 2-4 are dismissed through Door 7, which exits into the playground area.

  • At dismissal time, the fire lane is for live parking only. You MUST stay in your car.  

  • Please do not live park over the crosswalk.  

  • If you wish to get out of your vehicle, you must be in a parking spot. In addition to the parking lot, there is limit parking along the curb on the right side of the school.  There is ample parking on the streets surrounding the school.

  • When live parking in the fire lane, please do not block the fire hydrant.