Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Information

Arrival and Dismissal time at the Robin Hood School are very busy!  To keep children, parents and staff safe, please adhere to these important guidelines.

1. Limited parking is available in the main school parking lot. Parking is also available in the smaller school lot on Magnolia Street and on the various local side streets.

2. Please make sure you are parking in a legal parking space. Double parking creates additional safety and traffic hazards.

3. Additional parking is allowed along the school driveway on the OUTBOUND SIDE (FIELD/PLAYGROUND SIDE) ONLY.  There is absolutely NO PARKING in the traffic circle or along the INBOUND SIDE of the driveway (PARKING LOT SIDE).

4. During Preschool pick up and drop off parking is available in the school lots, along the OUTBOUND SIDE of the driveway and on local side streets.  Parking along the traffic circle and the orange recess safety cones is not allowed, as it restricts Emergency Vehicle access, putting all staff and students at unnecessary risk.

Traffic Circle:

1. If your child is able to enter and exit your car, on the passenger side, without assistance, you are invited to drive up to and through the traffic circle at drop off and pick up times.  If your child needs any assistance that requires you to get out of your vehicle, you must park in the parking lot.  *For student on crutches - alternative drop off arrangements can be made with the Nurse or Principal.

2. Drivers are expected to pull ALL the way up to the far end of the basketball court whenever possible. By doing this, the maximum number of cars can pull into the circle, alleviating traffic problems on Oak Street. 


Traffic Flow Map