NOTE: For your appointment or any questions, please email Mrs. Sharp, at

Student/s must live in Stoneham 

***Important: Please read instructions below.


Registrar: Teresa Sharp at 

Phone: 781-279 3810 / Fax: 781-279-2115

                                REQUIRED DOCUMENTS TO ENROLL STUDENT/S

REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS: It is important that all documents, especially proof of residency & occupancy, birth certificate and updated immunization information, are on file in the school prior to your child’s entrance. IMPORTANT: Only completed registration packets will be accepted.
1. Registration packet (Below to print and complete)
2. Immunizations, physical exam and Nurse Health Forms must be up to date and presented.
3. Proof of Age (Original Birth Certificate-We will make a copy of it.)
4. One (1) Proof of Residency & two (2) proofs of  Occupancy must be submitted (Policy 9-17.2 included in the Registration packet)
5. Release of School Records from prior school, if any.
6. NOTE: Proof of custody may be required if the person registering a student is not the person whose name is on the child’s birth certificate.


                                   Forms to Print Out or Online Links

(Click on all three (3) forms to print out. Bring them in when you are registering)

1-Registration Forms-Please print out 
2-High School Specific Forms-Please print out (For High School students only)
3-Annual Health History 23/24 Online Form (Click here to fill out). 
4-Caregiver Authorization Affidavit-If parent can't take care of Student's Academic and Health Decisions (Print out)

                                         School Nurse

Required for the School Nurse (Online):
-Nurse Health Forms, must now be completed on-line. Click here for the "Annual Health History Update" link.
The Nurse will be notified if form was completed. You must also bring in your student's current year physical and immunizations

*Any questions contact the Sandra Malzone, School Nurse at or call 781-279-3810 x1317


When the Registration packet, Nurse's link and HS forms are filled out for the High School, please send it to Mrs. Sharp at or fax it to 781-279-2115. We will go over your paperwork and contact you with the next steps to enrolling.

If you are moving from one Stoneham Residence to another Stoneham Residence this is the Proof of Residency (1 Residency) and Proof of Occupancy (only 1 for Occupancy) paperwork you will need: Click here for Information and Forms