NOTE: You must have a promise of a job before starting.

Step 1: Print Working Papers (Click here for forms)

Step 2: Have Company/Employer complete Page 1.

Step 3:  If under 15, your Dr. will need to sign page 2. "Physician's Certificate of Health" if you are able to do the job. Then parent and student signs it. (We can't take a copy of the physical.)

Step 4:  Student can complete page 3. (If student is not going to SHS they must complete the bottom of page 3 and read instructions carefully.)

Step 5:  Scan to Registrar, Mrs. Willard at  or fax it to 781-279-2070 to her attention. When it is completed she will contact you when to get your permit.Student must be present to sign.

Due to Covid 19 we are trying to minimize personal contact, please wear a mask when coming into SHS. The Working Papers are processed till 3:45 pm.

You can also pick up Working Papers in the main office. 



To get a Work Permit you first must complete the Working Papers. (Instructions are above.)

 STUDENTS WHO GO TO SHS: If you have completed the Working Papers, you can email/scan them to the attention of Mrs. Willard at or fax at 781-279-2070 to her attention. Once we receive the first three (3) pages completed, she will get you a Work Permit and notify you when it is ready to be signed by the student and witnessed.   (You must bring in the originals when coming in to get them) 

STUDENTS WHO DON'T GO TO SHS: When you send in the Working Papers we will also need your Birth Certificate and Proof of School Attendance for past 130 days. (This is on the 3rd page of the Working Papers.)


Due to Covid 19 we are trying to minimize personal contact, so if  only the student could come in alone and with a mask on that would be very helpful. The Working Papers are processed at school until 3:45 pm. (Students can drop off in the mail office first thing in the morning and pick up at the end of the school day.)

A Work Permit is for one job. If you get a new or 2nd job you will need a new permit.