ABSENT OR LATE: If a student is Absent or Late for Remote or In-School sessions, you must call the Absentee Line at 781-279-3810 and then press 1. Parent or Guardian, please, leave a message with your name, the name of the student, grade and a brief reason for the absence. We must receive a call no later than end of 1st period at 9:15.

DISMISSALS: To minimize personal contact during Covid-19, we are only taking dismissals by email. Parents or Guardians, please email our secretary, Mrs. Willard at with any dismissals. (We need the time they are leaving and time if returning)   NOTE: Only Parents or Guardians can dismiss their student/s.

Just a reminder that when attending classes remotely; behavioral and attendance expectations, classroom rules and school rules, are the same as in school / in person.  When attending remotely we expect the same level of behavior, dress, engagement and participation as you would attending class in person at school.

If you have any other attendance questions you can email Sarah Auger, Assistant VP at or their Guidance Counselor. (See below)

Guidance Office - Guidance Counselors (click for more info)
   781-279-3810 (press 5 or x1326) 

9th -11th (A-E) & 12th (A-C)          Celeste Vaughan:

9th - 11th (F-H) & 12th (D-H)       Nicole Dillon:

     9th - 12th  (I-O)                 Kristi Ronayne: 

9th - 12th  (P-Z)                   Liz Denman:

Guidance Secretary:           Nancy Polizzi: